Frequently Asked Questions

Brand Part # Product Name
Rislone 100QR Engine Treatment
Bar's Leaks G12BP Powder Radiator Stop Leak & Conditioner
Bar's Leaks HDC Radiator Stop Leak Tablets
Bar's Leaks HG-1 Head Gasket & Cooling Sealant
Bar's Leaks HJ12 Jack Oil With Stop Leak
Bar's Leaks 1000 Engine Repair
Bar's Leaks 1100 Head Gasket Repair
Bar's Leaks 1109 Liquid Copper™ Block Seal Intake & Radiator Stop Leak
Bar's Leaks 1111 Head Gasket Fix
Bar's Leaks 1186 Liquid Aluminum™ Cooling System Stop Leak
Bar's Leaks 1201 Super Radiator Cleaner
Bar's Leaks 1211 Radiator 10 Minute Flush
Bar's Leaks 1311 Cooling System Water Pump Lube with Anti-Rust
Bar's Leaks 1400 Transmission Repair
Bar's Leaks 1600 Power Steering Repair
Rislone 4416 Ring Seal Smoke Repair
Rislone 4471 High-Performance Oil Treatment
Rislone 4502 Transmission Stop Slip with Leak Repair
Rislone 4701 Fuel Injector Cleaner - 6 Oz.
Bar's Leaks J-100 DiFM Professional Cooling System Treatment
Bar's Leaks PLT11 Pelletized Heavy Duty Stop Leak
Bar's Leaks 1150 Cooling System Repair
Rislone 4405 3X Concentrated Engine Oil Supplement with Zinc Treatment
Bar's Leaks 1010 Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate
Bar's Leaks 1420 Transmission Stop Leak Concentrate
Bar's Leaks 1630 Power Steering Stop Leak Concentrate
Bar's Leaks 1194 Radiator Stop Leak 2X Concentrate
Bar's Leaks 1196 Radiator Stop Leak Concentrate
Bar's Leaks 1040 Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair
Rislone 400-03 2-Cycle Engine Oil - 3 oz.
Rislone 400-08 2-Cycle Engine Oil - 8 oz.
Rislone 4447 Compression Repair with Ring Seal
Rislone 4700 Gasoline Fuel System Treatment
Rislone 4705 Fuel Injector & Carb Cleaner
Bar's Leaks 1333 One Seal™ Stop Leak
Rislone 4732 Fuel Injector Cleaner with Fuel Conditioner & Treatment
Rislone 4735 Water Remover Fuel Dryer
Rislone 4740 Diesel Fuel System Treatment
Rislone 4747 Super Concentrated Octane Booster
Rislone 4774 Super Concentrated Ethanol Fuel Treatment
Rislone 4777 Super Concentrated Gas Treatment
Rislone 4790 EZ Nozzle™ Funnel
Rislone 4102 Engine Treatment Concentrate